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Arkham Knight Harley by DerekClyde Arkham Knight Harley :iconderekclyde:DerekClyde 103 5 PLAYGIRL- Hershel Layton by tavington
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PLAYGIRL- Hershel Layton :icontavington:tavington 58 24
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HAHA by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV HAHA :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 0 Did I trick ya? by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Did I trick ya? :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 2 Is there anything to live for? by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Is there anything to live for? :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 2 0 lemonade? by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV lemonade? :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 7 I did a thing! by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV I did a thing! :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 0 Wario cosplay 1 by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Wario cosplay 1 :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 2 4 So...stache by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV So...stache :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 4 My Harley Hair by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV My Harley Hair :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 2 5
Joker and Harley Story Ch. 2
"Fine, Go," he stated apathetically,"perhaps now I can get some sleep."
Joker climbed back in bed in the abandoned apartment that he and Harley had broken into the night before. Just as he lay his head down he heard things being thrown and broken in the next room. "Oh damn," he muttered to himself, it sounded like Harley was leaving again. The last time she had left she had claimed it was for good and went on a crime spree with Pamela Isley better known as Poison Ivy. Unfortunately it took quite a bit of convincing to get her back and in that time he discovered how much he had come to rely on her, whether he is willing to admit it or not.
"HARLEY!!" Joker yelled unmoving from his place on the bed.
"OH, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Harley yelled back, her voice even squeaker than usual, a sure sign she had been crying. He then heard more things being thrown, being thrown, breaking glass and shatters. 'Fine,' Joker thinks as he gets up from the bed,'I'm up,'
So he gets up and walks into the next
:iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 10 8
Joker and Harley story Ch. 1
He was drifting in and out of sleep, finally asleep, after that damn caped asshole lost him.Then again that's how it's been for so long. He pulls what the public calls a "sadistic crime" he is pursued by "justice" and when he's had his fun he outsmarts his foe and escapes. Then again, without bat-breath what fun would there to have?
He had admittedly been thinking about before it was like this for some time now, ever since he met her, and she started asking questions. Questions he doesn't answer of course, but they begin him thinking all the same.
Her first question, and her favorite is, "Whats your real name Mr.J?" She calls him Mr. J only because that's the way he introduced himself when they met. As 'J' is the first letter of his given name and his public name this satisfied her temporarily.
As he drifted to sleep as these thought clouded his mind. And as he thought them he laughed ever so slightly, as if he had lost his mind, because, well honestly, he had, long ago.
His eyes close
:iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 8 8
Dolly 2 by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Dolly 2 :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 10 Play with me? by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Play with me? :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 16 me....just me by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV me....just me :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 2 10 Rose sorta 2 by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Rose sorta 2 :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 1 ..rose...sorta by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV ..rose...sorta :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 1 6 Some Roses by AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV Some Roses :iconanbusuyashamiizinluv:AnbusuYashamiIzInLUV 3 1



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i hate people who think they know when i ask for your opinion you dont need to write all over my fucking paper with fucking pen especially if there is nothing fucking wrong with the paper in the fucking first place and your inserting your opinion and now i have to write the damn thing all over again. fuck you.....i have to turn this in today and now i cant even focus on writing cause im so pissed


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